About us

Our History:    

Iran Fishing Net Industry Co., Ltd has been founded in 1993 in south-eastern part of Iran, Sistan-o-Baloochestan , Zahedan which Is one of the largest manufactures of multifilament and monofilament fishing nets (single knot and double knot) in Iran Industry, with over 17 unites of Japanese’s TOYO machineries and production capacity of 2200 tons annually started its work. In phase two company has expanded its production variety in Hormoz-Nakhtab factory for manufacturing twines for fishing nets with production capacity of around 700 tons per year. The company has 21 advanced facilities that is able to produce 2500 tons of netting gear. In phase 3 BALLUCHI also specializes in making all kinds of Ropes that used for fishing in our new factory “Mahoor Bafan Balluchi” located in Chabahar Free Zone. Now we have sales office in Dubai and distributors all over GCC.                    

Production process

We have expert technician and latest equipment in order to bring goods for our clients. At BALLUCHI we do all the production procedure very carefully from (purchasing yarns - twisting - net knitting - checking and mending - finishing - stretching - inspection - packing - and loading)

Our Goals & Mission

Iran fishing net company have dominated Iran market for over three decades due to consistent and reliable quality, delivered by giving importance to softness, strength and transparency making it the unbeatable combination. Special orders on colors and special grade polymers has been done through all these years. BALLUCHI’s management aim is to supply our customers need with the major program that consists of to meet their inquiry, on time, high quality and affordable price of our all types of products,  counted on our constant improving production skills, research  and development in our services.

 Our business crucial points are always to satisfy you in high level and maximize sailors catch. The Brand is entitled to be the famous trademark of Iran “BALLUCHI”. We are striving to build “BALLUCHI” to be a world famous brand.

Human resources and quality control

With over 500 trained employees along with expert technicians and latest equipment’s to suits all the needs of various customers. Quality control by our expert team to make sure the knots and everything has been done correctly.


Our expert team in commerce department always supply enough high quality raw materials needed for production process. BALLUCHI’s inventory is always ready to provide customers orders Delivering on time and sufficient inventory illustrate that we are able to participate in global market.

Company Values:

1.         QUALITY: highest quality of raw materials and latest Japanese machinery is used to manufacture our goods.

2.         PRICE: Competitive and affordable prices.

3.         EFFICENCY: being efficient and effective performance.

4.         CUSTOMER SERVICE: We believe in


5.         QUALITY CONTROL: we insist on quality check in our laboratory on raw materials before production and Quality control after production by our expert team on our every products, before delivering the goods.