The project manager of the project, "Production of Baluchi Mahrobafan Chabahar Free Zone, said:" With the aim of developing the fishing industry, helping the fishing community, as well as exporting the products to the domestic and foreign target markets, the first phase of the plant with the production of fishing gear such as tour, rope, Boyah and .... will be launched by the end of October.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Chabahar Free Zone, Rashid Omidi added: "The first phase of this unit was completed in less than 6 months, with the construction of 3,000 square meters of soils, which started with a 40 billion riyals investment since last month.

Omidi added: "We are currently transferring machinery to the production unit, with its production capacity of 750 tons per year, and the employment of 150 people."

The project manager of the Baluchi Mahrobah Production Unit, Chabahar Free Zone, said: Production will be issued in addition to the province's cities, targeted countries such as the Persian Gulf (Oman and Dubai), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan will be issued.

Omidi said: Now 10 native workers are trained in all the facilities and livelihoods that are being developed after the training course.

He noted that in the next phases, the chain of fishing, fishing and fishery, including aquaculture packaging, will be completed at 3,000 square meters of other niches with a total investment of 5 billion TOMAN.